Disclaimer: Blog written out of anger for the attack on David Amess, as far as I can tell on the right side of history and a innocent victim.

I am starting this story with the Libian civil war. …

Better be honest about how many you had yesterday, and be able to carry a good conversation and diner after.

I think alcoholism starts when you are so depressed that the only relief from your existential fears becomes another drink

The health effects and long term effects start way sooner, diet can fix or improve most of those. …

Edit: yes I don’t write for readers

Honestly at the moment think SPSS, STATA, and other statistical programs need a test regarding philosophy of model building.

Also what Cultural Market senior is asking himself, was it Abba, was it not having Flemish fries

I hope you understand my concept of…

Someone got in trouble here and had Ram Jam in their garden, I think.

Most people beside the amazing rifs think the song is about dirty stuff.

I don’t think so, I think an ex NASA mathematician had a child that was stubborn.

Vector spaces are great simplifications of…

Case: Penrose and Hawkings big bang and singularity, also any sequence can be made to fit an object.

Stephen Hawkings book a brief history of time. Beside a great overview of validated fundamental physics from the past 100 years. In its title already explains the main deductions you can make from the big bang and singularity theorem.

A singularity or it’s junior a black holes implications in colloquial…

reference for the image, the Dutch covid response was based on the wrong implication that your predicting the Y

The subsequent beta’s in the previous formula are the linear influence the corresponding regression factor has (ty) on the (estimated dependent variable) or in better words difference from the mean in…

Public infrastructure, democratization of education, welfare convergence, its all presented as if it was not deliberate and part of a hypothetical cycle.

Had a friend once tell me the law of one price does not exist, this is kind of what he meant. If you know what your doing less…

(Basically Fukyamas thesis on progress btw, not Bergmanss hmm i can use this for selling books)

In my previous not well edited story I tried to make the argument that we have societal challenges that need collective action and at the same time there is a negative trend in how…

It should be considered public infrastructure. There will be operations and supply chains that will only function with a certain monopoly rent, think public transport, telecomunications, internet backbone, highways, electricity networks.

Its very depressing being a techno-modernist. We as human society have a massive task ahead of us. But looking…

Our future challenges will be knowledge intensive. From food, a new generation of consumer articles, transport and industries.

All will change rapidly, knowledge allready is a big input in all these industries but this will only increase.

These new future societal demands being niche, will no longer always be based on old economies of scale.

Many expats have to write an outline in their grants about it, knowledge or innovation. But even though they are career professionals/experts and such. They often fail to see how much knowledge is associated with being a subsistence farmer.

From your daily to your seasonal decisions, all those processes are…

René Peters

Muy stupid

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