Confidence intervals, and deductions from models.

Case: Penrose and Hawkings big bang and singularity, also any sequence can be made to fit an object.

Stephen Hawkings book a brief history of time. Beside a great overview of validated fundamental physics from the past 100 years. In its title already explains the main deductions you can make from the big bang and singularity theorem.

A singularity or it’s junior a black holes implications in colloquial conversation is often overstated.

By extension the debate between creationism and the big bang amalgamation is not intellectually dishonest.

I do not want to discount Penrose and Hawkings genius. Clearly not I am a great fan of both.

Their clear explanations have helped me a lot. Also the gravitational wave detector is sound, but small hmm for the numbers of black holes found.

They deserve a Nobel just for their teaching. Much more than Higgs

“I know gravity does something in this range, hmm let’s try another one, hmm let’s try another one does less.”

I will leave you here and with my pov of their contribution.

They state that there are limits to information that can be used in further theoretical deductions both in our current universe (black holes), and on larger timescales (big bang), both are singularities. Information gets lost at some points.

If you like this topic and other theoretical physics give the two geniuses a try.

The initial point was if you don’t understand the limitations of a model, your going to make wacky predictions and your confidence intervals are going to be around cooky dependent variables with little explanatory value for your hypothesis.

The other point best illustrated with this case of perceived symmetry. (Link Einstein on how he used symmetry)

Beside the forms symmetry can take, it also assumes a outside or multiple outside forces, or mathematically fields or vectors.

In this case the floor, gravity, the human sorting the laundry, etc..

If you are a rationalist, don’t beat yourself up over stuff you can’t control.

Keep it together the good and the bad.

Big mistake thinking you can have a perfect life and routine that can’t be fucked with.

Bonus: Roy Glauber (RIP) making photons and advances in spectral physics understandable.

Muy stupid